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October 10, 2019

We are growing our service offering and have a brand new name.

IRIS Group Aero, a UK-based leader in drone-based services and member of the CG Holdings group, has changed its name to CG Labs.  Operating in the UK, Norway, South Africa and the Middle East, CG Labs now offers a wider range of digital services to enhance the revenues, profits and peace of mind of our clients.

A bewildering array of new technologies and the rapid digitisation of the global economy are creating challenges, threats and opportunities for every single business.  We have a dedicated team of experts that are available 24/7 to help you develop customised solutions to your specific needs.

As part of a larger industrial services group, CG Labs has particular insight into the issues facing businesses that operate in or provide services to the following sectors:

  • Petrochemical and industrial processing plants
  • Temporary event infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Asset and facilities management
  • Security
  • Agriculture

We use drone- and ground-based sensors to capture and transform data sets of land, infrastructure, buildings, plant & machinery and crops into simple and useful visual representations.  Our expertise in photogrammetry, laser scanning, thermal and hyper/multi-spectral sensors means we can provide you with the most appropriate solutions.  These include  3D orthomosaic engineering models, animated models, as well as models incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality elements.

We build training animations and simulators for industrial workers that are far more effective than traditional classroom-based methodologies.  Wearing a headset, your employees 'learn through doing' in a virtual or augmented reality environment, with dramatic improvements in productivity and safety.

We use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create smart buildings, facilities and industrial plants, as well as improve the  productivity of large workforces. The results include cost savings from energy efficiencies, predictive maintenance, enhanced security and greater employee productivity.

We can help you drive a culture of innovation within your business through facilitating ‘idea jam’ workshops that find practical solutions to your internal challenges. We are part of an ecosystem of world class hardware and software providers, industry experts and technology integrators that are at your disposal.  If we don’t have the answer to your specific problem, we can find it quickly, anywhere in the world.  And if the answer doesn’t yet exist, we can perform the Research & Development for you, enabling you to turn a challenge into a solution.

Let us help you identify, make sense of and harness the power of new technologies that will change your business and your industry.

Dave Cummins – Executive Director

CG Labs


Virtubox – Virtual Remote Work & Conferences

March 19, 2020

CG Labs welcomes you to Virtubox – the new era of fully immersive remote collaboration in a digital world with real-world advantages. Imagine having all of the advantages of a normal office environment or conference except without the actual face to face.

New partnership with Lorenz technology and Heliguy

March 2, 2020

CG Labs has partnered up with Lorenz Technology and DJI Gold Partner Heliguy to showcase the Lorenz onboard supercomputer which allows pilots to pre-program flights and use drones to conduct automated missions. Lorenz Technology, located in one of the world’s leading robotic hubs, Odense, Denmark, specializes in delivering software solutions for drones and mobile robots […]

SOARIZON announces strategic partnership with CG Labs

February 24, 2020

The partnership will provide SOARIZON customers with pre-flight consultancy on the best methodologies for data acquisition, as well as first class post processing capability that far surpasses the current go-to systems that utilise cloud processing.  

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