Post Processing Services

Stage 1 Post Processing

CG Labs’ deliverable outputs from base photogrammetry processing are detailed below. CG Labs utilise market leading software packages to provide clients with their data;

Pointcloud, Orthomosaic and 2D based raster data, 3D meshed outputs and associated vector based data, thermal data and reporting, digital elevation based outputs, process and accuracy reporting, LiDAR data manipulation.

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Stage 2 Post Processing

CG Labs’ deliverable outputs from second stage processing involve our development team, who take the outputs beyond traditional processing, for further analysis and manipulation. The outputs can be used within BIM based applications and CAD outputs, In depth 3D modelling and rendering as well as animation / video production. If the requirement for virtual and augmented reality is a need then that can be catered for also.

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Online Flight Data Platform

CG Labs has developed a proprietary flight control command centre for desktop PC or Mac which brings together the drone ecosystem.

From flight planning to drone insurance and sales, DFCC brings together communities and enables both pilots and managers of drone operations to plan, monitor and report on all RPAS /Drone Flight activities in less regulated environments.

Partnering with industry experts, Soarizon, CG Labs allows UAV operators to manage all aspects of the drone based data capture from initial flight planning and risk assessment preparation, through to post flight management. The software importantly allows operators to upload the data captured form the flight into human focused processing environment where all the shorts-falls of cloud based platforms are negated and processing experts can clean data to produce higher quality deliverables than would otherwise be achieved.

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Post Capture Asset Creation

CG Labs builds point cloud models of your data sets which allows you to actively navigate your digital asset in such a way that you can accurately move around or measure points of interest within an environment.
This is a great tool for training teams in an environment or for desktop planning where access to measurements is critical. In addition this technology can be used for external marketing of your assets.

Cloud based digital asset creation can often lead to outputs that fall short of expectations.CG Labs employ experts in digital environment and asset creation to take supplied data and generate highly accurate models and outputs in all industry relevant formats and file types.

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Environmental Visualisation

CG Labs has a fully equipped digital data capturing service, allowing us to come to your premises and collect the environmental data necessary for your project through drone or ground based scanning, deployment of sensors to collect smart data or from traditional engineering schematics and drawings.

Using a variety of digital capture technologies, CG Labs can take a traditional drawings and plans bring the asset to life by creating an immersive and highly accurate 3D visualisations. Technology can be used to bring stakeholders into these virtual environments to allow collaborative realtime virtual planning and discussion of the environment.

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