September 10, 2019

IRIS Group are currently in the planning phase of one of our largest housing stock surveys ever undertaken. Daylight ground and Drone based structural condition surveys along with nightime ground and Drone based IR surveys all carried out in a Congested Area make this a complex task involving 450 properties. Long days and late nights are required to capture data at the optimum time of day and then this needs to be properly analysed and reported on in order to provide the client with what they require. We are proud to say that this represents an increase from the initial 50 surveys carried out last year. Data capture is one thing but the analysis and reporting provides greater value and sets IRIS Group Aero apart from the competition. With work scheduled for Manchester, Wales and a return to Norway, the next couple of months will be a busy time!


Virtubox – Virtual Remote Work & Conferences

March 19, 2020

CG Labs welcomes you to Virtubox – the new era of fully immersive remote collaboration in a digital world with real-world advantages. Imagine having all of the advantages of a normal office environment or conference except without the actual face to face.

New partnership with Lorenz technology and Heliguy

March 2, 2020

CG Labs has partnered up with Lorenz Technology and DJI Gold Partner Heliguy to showcase the Lorenz onboard supercomputer which allows pilots to pre-program flights and use drones to conduct automated missions. Lorenz Technology, located in one of the world’s leading robotic hubs, Odense, Denmark, specializes in delivering software solutions for drones and mobile robots […]

SOARIZON announces strategic partnership with CG Labs

February 24, 2020

The partnership will provide SOARIZON customers with pre-flight consultancy on the best methodologies for data acquisition, as well as first class post processing capability that far surpasses the current go-to systems that utilise cloud processing.  

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