Digital & Software Development Services

VR Simulations

CG Labs has been a pioneer in the Virtual Reality space since the technology broke, and has years of developmental and design experience in creating immersive and comfortable experiences in a simulated environment.
We apply this technology across multiple industries to enhance on-boarding of employees into your business, training and testing of teams and to engage your clients in unique ways.

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Augmetned Reality

CG Labs can supplement and improve your company workflows from planning and review to development of complex builds in busy environments by creating smart workers with information “right in front of them”.
This technology enables your teams to work through problems in the field with limited know how or to engage your customers in an immersive information driven experience.

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Mixed Reality / Hologram

CG Labs has pioneered mixed reality concepts which combine both virtual reality, reality, and augmented reality to create a real time immersive interactive experiences whilst in a virtually created environment.
The benefits of MR include the ability to create a specific environment for your business and then place people from remote locations together in real time into the environment to engage and collaborate in real time.

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Training Video Production

CG Labs provides technology to support training within your organisation. Whether your requirement is an online learning platform, or the development of bespoke training materials, our team of industry specialists work with you to find the most optimal means of enhancing your employee productivity through training.

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2D / 3D Animations

CG Labs makes use of 2D & 3D animations which visually enhances the users understanding of a process or idea.
This can be used for animating business processes, work methodologies, training or concept visualization and is a great marketing tool for your clients.

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Software Development

CG Labs has numerous inhouse built software systems available, to enhance your experience within each environment. These products have been designed to cater for gaps in the market where user experience is poor and product options are limited.

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3D Modelling

CG Labs provides a specialised 3D rendering service, which enables you to build a library of “digital assets” for your business that can be used for training, planning, floor layout testing, visual creation or simply for demonstrating concepts to your clients.

Our teams can make use of existing engineering or CAD based drawings to collect data which already exists inside your company.
Our software engineers will convert these drawings into usable digital formats to reduce the cost of projects and data collection methodologies for your business leading to quicker turnaround times and more accurate outcomes.

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