COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it

CG Labs can help protect you and your clients from the virus - as we start on the long path to recovery.

CG Labs' ongoing mission is to support its clients with effective and modern solutions to the problems they face. In the midst of COVID-19 much of the support that businesses need is around the safety and of their staff. We understand this and have made it our goal to support businesses with effective tech and equipment to keep their people safe while continuing to function effectively

Protective Masks

CG Labs can supply a wide range of fully certified and approved masks. This includes FFP3, FFP2, N95, KN95 along with disposable masks that are suitable for medical and public use. Please enquire for more information. Minimum order quantities apply.

Fever Scanning Detection Solution

Handheld or mounted on a tripod
Measuring accuracy: ± 2 degrees C
24-hour battery. Full video image recording.
Non-contact rapid screening.
Specs available on demand

Fever Scanning Detection Solution

System allows for local and remote identification of elevated temperatures with no contact needed. Paired black body for continuous automatic calibration. Dual head visible camera for future CCTV use.Measuring accuracy: ± 0.3 degrees so less false positives and negatives. Large identification area from 2-5m. Specs available on demand.

Ozone Generator

There are three versions to choose from that will meet your requirements. Kills bacteria and viruses. Eliminates odours. Suitable for offices, hotels, retail outlets and more. EU made. Please enquire for more information.

Mobile Ozone Generator

Kills bacteria, viruses and moulds. Eliminates odours. Suitable for offices, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants and more. Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used. Treats up to 500m3.

Bluetooth Proximity & Distance Enforcement Watches

Blue Tooth (BLE) enabled devices can be modified to determine if two devices come within 2m. Smart phones, smart watches, fitbit etc. If accessing the data of when individuals have breached the distance is a prerogative –a corporate and not a personal devise needed.

UV Light Sanitiser

This UV light sanitiser box is the ideal solution for personal use. Sanitise your mobile phone, jewellery and more. Completely removes all pathogens/bacetria/germs and ensures peace of mind.

UV Light Sanitiser

This robust UV light sanitiser cabinet is the ideal solution for professional settings such as salons, hotels, retail outlets, jewellers and much more. Completely removes all pathogens/bacteria/germs and ensures peace of mind.

Minimum quantity orders apply. Order your safety equipment today